As you would imagine, a great school like ours doesn’t just ‘happen’, there is a dedicated army of volunteers who run the day to day duties and keep the school interesting for the students.



Volunteering 志愿者

To effectively run and manage the very busy academic and cultural program it is essential that the school has support from our parents / caregivers. We would love if all families could volunteer at least twice a year in the following duties of their choice. Grandparents and extended family members are also welcome to volunteer, as they are an important part of your children’s lives and our school community.

Click here for examples of what volunteering duties we need your help for.

If you have a skill or suggestion; or would like to lend a helping hand, please contact the SMC at We need you!



如果您有一项特长或者一个建议,又或者您愿意帮我们一把,请发邮件至 联系学校管理委员会。我们需要您!

Fundraising 筹款

We are a  non-profit organization, most of our income comes from student fees and these costs have been kept at a reasonable price, to ensure that all students who are interested in learning Chinese can participate. Our school receives some annual government funding as a community school, and occasionally is the winner of funding from The Consulate General of The People’s Republic of China (Perth).

The School Management Committee organizes various fundraising activities to help improve the financial strength of the school and provide much needed resources for the students.

Present fundraising goals

  • New camera for photographing students during performances  (one off)
  • New library shelving (one off)
  • New library stock (annually)

Present fundraising projects

  • The Entertainment Book

Order from:

  • Dragon Boat Festival dumplings sales
  • Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake sales
  • Chocolate sales




  • 新的相机(一次性)
  • 新的图书馆藏书(年度性)


  • 销售the Entertainment Book


  • 端午节粽子销售
  • 中秋节月饼销售
  • 巧克力销售