The School Management Committee (SMC) is committed to helping our school and community create an environment in which our children thrive educationally and culturally. The strength of the SMC relies on the amazing generosity of the parents at CWCS Leeming to give however they can, when they can.



Current SMC Members 学校管理委员会主要成员

  • For a description of the objectives and positions available please click here 关于委员会的目标和职位表,详情请点击链接:Terms of Reference for Leeming SMC (version 3 – March 2015)
  • The following positions were not filled and we would love for someone to join our team, please contact the SMC 有个别职位未有合适的志愿人选,我们非常希望可以有更多的志愿者加入我们的队伍学年的空缺职位有下列, 若您对任何一个职位有兴趣,请发邮件至 smc.leeming@gmail.comFundraising and Assistant Fundraising Officer 主要筹款员
  • For the list of current SMC members please click here 关于现任主要成员,详情请点击链接: 2017 SMC Officers



About the SMC 学校管理委员会

The SMC is the link between the parents and the school administration staff. Meetings are held monthly to allow all parents to be involved and to influence issues important to them and the school. We also fundraise for school facilities not covered by our school fees.

  • Through the SMC; the Canteen, the Library and all cultural events such as Chinese New Year, and Mooncake Festival are available.
  • Through the SMC fundraising; the books in the library, the ipads and music players to share between classes area are available.
  • Through the SMC policy changes; the EFT option for paying school fees is available.

Being a part of the SMC is rewarding and fun, it’s inclusive and gets things done that makes a difference to our children’s education. All parents are welcome at SMC meetings and they are encouraged to take the opportunity especially if they usually wait for their children during classes. It is a great way to meet other parents and make a whole new social network of friends. It is also a great way to find out what is happening at school and be involved in a passionate school community.  

We look forward to seeing you at our next SMC Meeting, everyone is most welcome to attend and we look forward to seeing new faces. If you have any queries or would like to put up your hand to volunteer straight away, please contact the SMC at


  • 通过学校管理委员会:小卖部、图书馆和各大中国传统文化节日的义卖(中国新年、中秋节等)
  • 通过学校管理委员会的筹款,我们为学校早会置购了一套新的音响系统,图书馆增添了新的书籍,还有一定数量的iPad和音乐放映机可以让各班级的老师们在课堂使用
  • 通过学校管理委员会的政策改革,学费缴纳可以通过电子汇款的方式实现


Annually in March, the SMC will hold an Annual General Meeting is to inform parents of the work and activities undertaken by the School Management Committee (SMC) over the past year and to account for the monies spent and received. Elections for the SMC will also be held at the AGM.  

Being a member of the SMC is great community to be involved in, as together we work together to better our children’s education. We invite all parents, guardians and grandparents to consider joining, especially if you usually wait for your children outside the classroom. It’s a great way to meet the other parents, expand your social network and learn new skills.

As a member of the SMC, you will have the unique opportunity to use your personal options and ideas to shape and improve our school. We look forward to seeing you at the next monthly meeting.



作为SMC的一名成员,您会有独特 的机会通过您个人的意见、想法,帮助提高并塑造我们的学校。