We hope your visit to our website has helped you learn more about our school and its community.  If some information you are looking for is not available in the website, you might find it in this section.  Otherwise, please feel free to send us an email so that we may assist you.



What activities does the school conduct?

We have approximately 400 students learning Mandarin in a wide range of ages from toddlers to adults.  We aim not only for proficiency in Mandarin, but also for students to gain an appreciation of Chinese heritage, culture and values.  This is evidenced from the various classroom activities that our teachers engage our students in that has made us one of the top Chinese Community Schools in the world.

Apart from the classroom experience, there is an extensive library resource centre that enriches the inquisitiveness of students as well as giving teachers the material support to bring to life their lessons.  Students participate in various Chinese festivals where the school community comes together to learn the significance and vibrancy of age-old Chinese heritage: Lions come alive at Chinese New Year celebrations, hands-on dumpling making and dragon boat racing experiences at the Dumpling Festival… these and much more give students beyond classroom appreciation of the language they learn.

Furthermore, there are extra curricula activities representing various elements of Chinese heritage that students can partake.  These include kung fu, diablo, Chinese flute, painting, calligraphy and dance.

Come and experience the learning of Mandarin that brings into perspective its origin and heritage.

What is the school year?

Our school operates on the same calendar as the Department of Education.  This means it follows a four-term year, beginning in January or February.  However, we usually conclude classes on the Saturday before the final week of your child’s school term.

There is an end of term assembly at the conclusion of each term.  It features performances, prize giving, as well as festival celebrations.  The families of students are welcome to attend.

How can I participate in the school community?

The School Management Committee is the best point of contact for volunteers.  While the school administration is responsible for academic matters, the management committee is a volunteer group comprising parents and supporters of our school.  There are always welcoming those with an interest in the library, canteen, as well as helping out at festivals.

Members of the School Management Committee hold one-year appointments in various roles.  The Annual General Meeting is usually at the end of Term One and this is the time to nominate for positions.

All volunteer activities are focused on improving and enriching the learning experience of our students.

When can I enroll my kids?

Enrolments can occur at any time of the year but the main Enrolment period take place usually in November of current year for the following year’s terms.

How do I enroll my kids?

Please go to the Enrolment page for more information.