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Cultural Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) 课后文化学习 – Chung Wah Chinese School Leeming 中华黎明中文学校
Diabalo Students Performance

Diabalo Students Performance

Students can choose to enroll after-school cultural classes:

  • Chinese traditional dance
  • Chinese chess
  • Chinese calligraphy and painting
  • Chinese performing arts
  • Chinese zither
  • Chinese diabolo
  • Chinese Kongfu
  • Lion Dancing
  • Australian Rules Football

In school assemblies or other school-related activities, students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their learning outcomes.


  • 中国传统舞蹈
  • 中国象棋
  • 中国毛笔字和绘画
  • 中国.
  • 中国古筝
  • 中国抖空竹
  • 中国功夫