“Traditions are also important because they keep the generations in contact with one another.” Dr. Susan Coady of Ohio State University

“传统也很重要,因为它们保持着几代人之间的相互接触联系。”Susan Coady 博士,美国俄亥俄州立大学。


A large part of the school’s efforts are dedicated to promoting Chinese culture and traditions. These include celebrating major Chinese Festivities including:

  • Chinese New Year
  • Zhong Zi Festival
  • Duan Wu Festival (Dragon Boat Festival)
  • Mid – Autumn Festival (Moon Cake Festival)

The school holds culture and traditions close to its heart as traditions are the bridge between generations and helps us understand each other within our family and within our place in the world. It reminds us to be grateful and celebrate and keeps us together while promoting virtuous behaviour.

It is incredibly important to the school how we celebrate our culture, not what exactly we do to celebrate, as we want each student to feel engaged and happy and to feel as they belong to a vibrant and caring community, regardless of ethnicity.


  • 中国新年(春节)
  • 端午节(龙舟节)
  • 中秋节(月饼节)




We also regular hold social events including:

  • Parents Morning Tea
  • BookWeek
  • Staff and Volunteers’ Dinner

By having events that students and parents, or parents only, can attend, we reinforce our community spirit. We are not just a school, we are an important social and support group to each other. Many new friendships were made when students and parents met each other here, regardless if they were a new migrant or an Australian of many generations.


  • 家长的早茶会
  • 读书周
  • 工作人员和志愿者的感谢晚宴



We also encourage our students as much as possible and give them a chance to challenge themselves socially, artistically and academically. We hold many competitions throughout the year, and also submit the students’ work in international competitions, including:

  • Oral Story Competition
  • Calligraphy Competition
  • Essay Competitions
  • Poster Competitions
  • International Essay Competitions
  • International Academic Examinations

Giving the children the chance to perform in public in front of their peers teaches them courage and public speaking skills, as well as teaches the students watching compassion, respect and the need to support each other.

These events are often the highlight of the students’ year and much planning (especially from the Social and Cultural Officers) goes into preparation of the event or assembly to ensure that the children are not disappointed! Emphasis is placed on having as much hand-on activities as possible to make the learning process memorable and engaging.

These events are also an opportunity for our students to show off their talents as well as skills learnt in the Extra Curricular Classes they attend, so we try to make these events as special as possible. Parents are invited to participate and often we tie in some fundraising as well.


  • 讲故事比赛
  • 书法(写字)比赛
  • 才艺展示
  • 作文比赛
  • 海报设计比赛
  • 国际作文比赛
  • 国际标准汉语考核





We are sometimes featured in the local media such as the Melville Times, the Australia Chinese Times and the Chung Wah Association magazine, giving us a chance to share our culture and our students’ accomplishments.


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