Canteen 小卖部


The SMC runs a canteen for the students located in the center of the school from 930am to 1045am. Please note that although as much care is taken to ensure that no products with nuts are sold, if your child has an allergy advise, them to take care when purchasing from the canteen.

We are proud and happy to have Elaine still running our Canteen, she is our longest serving volunteer received the Melville Mayor award in 2015 for 10 years service.

学校管理委员会在课间休息10:10 – 10:30的时候为学生提供小卖部的服务。小卖部在学校中心活动区域。饮料和小吃的价格从0.50澳元到2澳元不等。请注意,虽然我们非常小心不会卖任何含有坚果的产品;但是如果您的孩子有任何过敏源,请您提醒他们在光临小卖部时小心购买。

Library 图书馆和教育书店

Online Catalogue  图书目录


Librarian 图书管理员

The Library underwent a renovation (right side of the donga) in 2013 thanks to a generous grant of $14,325 from LotteryWest. A further grant application is being prepared to source funding to complete the renovation (left side of the donga) as storage items have been moved to the new container in 2016.

The SMC runs a library for students between 9.15 am to 11.15am during school term. It is located behind the school undercover area in a transportable unit. We have a fantastic range of mostly children’s books, however we also have stock suitable for Kindy ages to Adults.

The library only stocks books in Simplified Chinese, DVDs or CDs in Mandarin Chinese, and books in English about Chinese Culture. It also stocks graphic novels, flash cards, posters and magazines. Parents and students may each borrow 2 items for 2 weeks, items must then be returned or extended. A late penalty fee of $2 per item per week may apply. If an item is lost, a pro-rated replacement fee will apply.

学校管理委员会在开学期间每周六 9:15 – 11:15 开放图书馆。图书馆坐落在学校有遮蔽区域后面的一个可移动房屋里。我们有很丰富的各种儿童书籍;还有适合婴幼儿或者成人的学习书籍。


Donations 筹款/捐助

The library also always welcomes donations as long as the item is in Simplified Chinese / Mandarin Chinese / English about Chinese Culture. The items must not be counterfeit items/DVDs and the rating must be suitable for our school, and can be dropped off during open hours. Donations of cash to purchase new library stock are also welcomed.