🚩 Parents Meet & Greet Morning Tea & 2017 AGM Notice 🚩

SATURDAY, 04 MARCH 2017 09:10 AM


Dear Parents,
As you might or might not be aware our Leeming Chinese School is a Not-For-Profit entity. We are powered by volunteering parents when it comes to running and managing the school. You can make a difference and have your say on how the school is run.

Have you ever asked yourself how is the school actually managed? Who makes the decisions in regard to the quality of your child education? What are the criteria for some students being awarded the Top Student awards? Or Why am I not kept up-to-date by the school about the upcoming events? Where can I borrow books from the school? Who can I complain to? How can I make suggestions? Etc.All the above questions can be easily answered if you attend the upcoming MEET & GREET SESSION. This event provides you with the opportunities to ask questions, convey to us your complaints as well as make any suggestions for improvements.

The School Management Committee, as a parent representational body, is organizing this meeting to update you about the school and answer any questions which you might have. We would like you to feel connected and be part of the school community. It will be an informal, fun and informative gathering for approx. ¾ hour.

We will provide canteen foods, coffee and tea for your refreshment.I strongly urge you to attend the session and mingle amongst other parents. Please get involved so that we can make our school a better and improved environment for our children.

Kind regards,
Suardi Sumiati – Chairman
On behalf of the School Management Committee (SMC) – Leeming

2017 Annual General Meeting Notice

Sat 25th Mar 2017 9.15 AM
Admin Office, Aulberry Parade, Leeming, WA

Dear Parents,

The 2017 Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Saturday, 25th March 2017 at 09:15 in accordance with the paragraph 3.e.v of the Terms of Reference for the School Management Committee (SMC) of the Chung Wah Chinese School Leeming.You are kindly requested to attend the meeting as you can have your say on how the school should be run and managed. Only a good management team can positively influence the education for your children. Please make your voice heard!

To all parents and in particular our new parents I would like to advise you that the School Management Committee (SMC) acts as a parent representational body, which among other things brings your general and specific school issues to the attention of the school through the appropriate channels as well as advises and guides you on the correct procedures for raising individual and classroom/educational issues with management. Hence, the SMC is your voice towards the School and the Chung Wah Association.

The positions listed below form the School Management Committee:

1. Chairperson
2. Vice Chairperson
3. Principal – not an elected position. The Principal participates in the process of the SMC to provide insight from the educational and operational aspects of the school.
4. Treasurer
5. Assistant Treasurer
6. Secretary
7. Assistant Secretary
8. Cultural Officer
9. Assistant Cultural Officer
10. Social Officer
11. Assistant Social Officer
12. Library Officer
13. Assistant Library Officer
14. Canteen Officer
15. Assistant Canteen Officer
16. Enrolment Officer
17. Assistant Enrolment Officer
18. Fundraising Officer
19. Assistant Fundraising Officer
20. Media Officer
21. Assistant Media Officer

All the above listed positions will be open for election on the day of the Annual General Meeting.

Attached to this notice is the nomination form and short descriptions of the above mentioned positions.

A copy of the Terms of Reference will be made available to those parents who submit a nomination form on the day of AGM. Alternatively, please visit our website to view the document (http://cwcsleeming.org.au/wpcontent/uploads/2016/03/Terms-of-Reference-for-Leeming-SMC-version-3-March-2015.pdf).

Again, I strongly urge you to attend the AGM. Please get involved so that we can make our school a better and improved environment for our children.

Kind regards,
Suardi Sumiati – Chairman
On behalf of the School Management Committee.

Nomination form:

SMC Position Description:

2017 AGM Agenda

2016 AGM Minutes