Holiday library borrowing

Hi Parents

It was so wonderful to see so many kids come to the library at recess last Saturday. Many kids brought items back to the library. We ended up with 3 bucket (container) loads of returned items! Well done for bringing them back and then borrowing some more.

Now that we are back to school, please bring all the items borrowed for the holidays. So if you haven’t returned your holiday borrowings, please do so this Saturday. If you want to renew the items, please bring all the items back for renewal.

If any parent would like to volunteer and serve our children, please email me your details and I will put you on the roster. No experience required. We will train you on the job.

Keep on reading and enjoying stories.


Yok Chi RAI
School Management Committee Library Officer 2015/2016
Chung Wah Chinese School Leeming


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