SMC Announcement: Start of Term 3, Safety Measures, Upcoming Events

School Management Committee  Announcement

Dear Parents,

Commencement of Term 3
Please be advised that the Term 3 starts this coming Saturday, 23rd July 2016 at 9:00.

Safety Measures
In the last school assembly I mentioned that Safety around our school will be improved. For a trial measure we will be closing the entrance gates as soon as the classes have started. All gates with exception of the Main gate on Aulberry Parade will be locked during the school hours from 9:15 to 11:15. The gates will be reopened after11:15 to ensure that parents can enter the compound to pick up the students. Please refer to this school map link.

This measure is taken to ensure that the movement of students, parents as well as visitors can be better monitored.

To facilitate a smooth implementation of this measure we request those parents who stay in the school compound during the school hours to please park your vehicles in Car Park 2. If you intend to leave and return to the school compound between the lock-out hours please use Car Park 1 instead. The school thanks you for your cooperation.

Upcoming event
Term Three will be a very exciting term with many special events. Your kids will be requested to take part in the drawing/painting and calligraphy competitions.

A big celebration will be held at the end of the term to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival at the Chung Wah Cultural Centre in Balcatta. Stay tuned for further updates in due course!

As part of the celebration our students who have been taking part in the Lion Dance Extra Curricular Class will have the opportunity to showcase their skills in one of the main acts.

Chung Wah’s own Lion dance troupe will be performing together with our students. They will also perform the Northern Lion Dance routine. For this routine they are looking for someone who is very athletic and preferably a gymnast. This particular student (person) will act as the
Pearl Teaser (侠士). The chosen student (person) will be trained by the Head Coach at the Chung Wah Hall in Northbridge.

Should your child (or some you might know) is a gymnast who can do back somersault, we would like to have him/her join us for the Mid-Autumn Festival performance. Please register your interest by emailing

Kind regards,
Suardi Sumiati – Chairman
On behalf of the School Management Committee (SMC) – Leeming