Experienced and passionate teachers create a great learning environmentAffordable fees, among the cheapest in Perth - from only $375 per yearCovers Playgroup, Kindergarten to Year 12, and Adults

Passionate Teachers + Fun Cultural Activities + Affordable Fees = Awesome School!

Chung Wah Chinese School Leeming

Chung Wah Chinese School Leeming is a not for profit, teacher and volunteer powered community school and has been since it was set up in 1991 by Chung Wah Association Inc. Students and parents love connecting with one another and having the chance to learn and express themselves in their mother tongue and celebrate traditional festivities.

For children and adults of any ethnicity or language background who want to learn Mandarin Chinese Language, we operate Saturday morning language classes (9am – 11.30am) and cultural activity classes (11.30am – 12.30pm) at Leeming Senior High School. Enrol and enjoy these benefits:

  • Learn with experienced and passionate native Chinese teachers (learn from the experts!)
  • Affordable fees, among the cheapest in Perth, WA – from only $395 per year (doesn’t bust your budget)
  • Covers Playgroup, Kindergarten to Year 12, and Adults (parents can learn too)
  • Library full of Chinese books, comics, and videos, including tons of new material (lots of free resources to tap into)
  • Engaging cultural extra-curricular activities such as traditional dance, martial arts, chess, diabolo, etc. from $120 per year (develop holistically and in a fun way)
  • Engaging, educational cultural events (lots of activities to suit everyone)
  • Join 400+ children and adult language students
  • Free parking and easy access at Leeming Senior High School

See Enrolments to find out more or please email ChineseSchool.Leeming@gmail.com or call 0401 686 30 to try out a class for free or to enrol. 





请发邮件至 ChineseSchool.Leeming@gmail.com 或者致电 0401 686 306 咨询报名。

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